In today’s online business world, you simply cannot be successful at Internet marketing without the use of an autoresponder. They are used to do many of the marketing tasks that are essential to being successful with your online business.

Internet marketing can be very time consuming, and whether you do affiliate marketing or market your own products, an autoresponder will become a big part of your marketing arsenal. Autoresponders are used to keep in contact with all of your past customers, and to develop a relationship with any potential customers.

An autoresponder can be used to deliver recommendations of products to your opt-in customer list. It can be used to deliver email courses, to send reminders, and even to help you build an opt-in list if you don’t already have one, and we all know that the money is in the list. There are many creative ways you can use your autoresponder to make more sales and to build relationships with your customers.


If you were to ask any successful marketer, they will tell you that there are two tools that are essential to any type of online marketing.

An opt-in list Autoresponder. In fact, most marketers will agree that you could take away all of their other marketing tools, but they would fight to their death to keep the list and the autoresponder!

I am beginning to understand why.

Jeff G


P.S. The autoresponder that I use and find is the easiest to use is Aweber



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