Affiliate marketing has grown a lot in the past few years and the biggest reason for that is that businesses want to be present online in each and every possible way so that they are visible to their clients as much as possible. Affiliate marketing basically is a way of getting paid based on a certain performance. Here, the client you market for pays you a certain amount based on the sales your marketing generates.

There are four major people or entities involved here:

  • The merchant: This is the person whose product or services are marketed.
  • The affiliate: The publisher, the person who markets the products.
  • The network: This is like a middle man between the affiliate and the merchant. Here the merchant puts up the products or services to be marketed and the affiliate chooses the one he/she will market. The network also helps to make sure that the payments are made in a just manner.
  • The customer: Who chooses to buy the product or service through this marketing strategy.

Affiliate marketing is a very easy way of earning money for someone who is starting out to earn money online. It is as simple as obtaining the code for a product while promoting it. So the first thing you’re doing here is promoting a product for a company, for the company to know that the customers came to them through you, they provide you a code and that is the code you embed while marketing the product. If the customer buys the product or does what is desired by the company (in some cases, this could be as simple as filing out a survey), then you are the one who gets paid the decided percentage of money.

Affiliate marketing is beneficial for both the company and for someone who markets it online for them. The companies get a better reach towards their customers, and the marketers make money while building a good reputation that gets them better pay outs in the future.


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