Maybe you are familiar with the idea of a sales funnel, maybe not. Either way, I can guarantee that you have been a prospect in quite a few sales funnels whether you knew it or not.

A sales funnel is a multiple step process designed to take a prospect and turn them into a customer. It might be as simple as just a lead capture page that collects your email address and then sends you to a sales page. However, more and more often it is a complex structure of pages, emails, and even text message notifications designed to maximize the number of sales.

It is always best to start out with the simple and then build your knowledge and skills from there.

The beginning sales funnel would be a simple lead capture page that offers some sort of reward for submitting your email address. Free reports or video training are common “bribes” to offer in order to get the email address. Once the person has opted into the list, they get taken to a thank you page that may offer a product to purchase.

By using a sales funnel like this, you get to build your subscriber list, and potentially recover the cost of the traffic you purchase by selling the initial product.

There are four things you need to make a simple funnel like this work.

1. Lead Capture Page and Thank You (Offer) Page

It is best to create these pages using your own website Hosted with D9 Hosting or BlueHost (More to follow in future emails). You can also use a page building tool, like Click Funnels or Landing Page Monkey.

2. A Lead Magnet to Give Away

Lead Magnets are much easier to create than most people think. All you need to do is identify a problem that your prospect needs solved and create a 2-3 page document in Word to help them with it. More on this in a later email.

3. Email Management System

If you are going to collect email addresses, then you need a service which will store them and allow you to send emails to the list. This is usually called an auto-responder. I use and recommend Get Response or AWeber. Both offer a free trial period to get you started.

4. A Product to Sell on the Thank You Page

Once someone has joined your list, they get to the Thank You Page, and you want to offer them a product to purchase. This does not have to be your own product. It could be an offer for a product that you are an affiliate for. The product should be related to the topic of the lead magnet. If someone signed up for a report on how to build a list, then offer a product related to list building since you know that is their interest.

I will be devoting the next several posts into going deeper into how to setup your first sales funnel.

Jeff Gerling

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