Ok, as I stated in my last post I will be describing a bit about the Partnership to Success course that will take me from a inexperienced marketer to someone that will be making money online. Before I get into the course let me tell you a little bit about my journey up until now.

I have been involved in some form of internet marketing for several years and have met some great people along my journey. I tried selling both physical and info products through EBay, I tried several different MLM companies as well. I then found Traffic Exchanges and clicked and clicked until I couldn’t click any more. I found that most people using traffic exchanges where basically using them for the same reason and very few where actually looking for a business to get involved with.

I then found a great group of people that were just like me and were trying to not only make money online but loved trying to help people become successful as well. So all along I kept researching and looking for someone that was successful and that would and could teach someone like me to follow in their steps and become successful as well.

Then one night I found what I believe is the yellow brick road that will lead me to the land of Oz. The yellow brick road goes by the name of the “Partnership to Success“, which is presented by John Thornhill. The course is broken down into certain steps that you do each week. Even though it is broken down into weekly steps you do not have to complete all of the steps in a certain week. John knows that there are certain things that could possibly take you away a day or so, like life in general, so all you have to do is pick back up where you left off when you are able to get back. Although I would highly suggest that you not get too distracted and wander off looking for the next best thing because I believe this is the next best thing.

This mentoring course is great and he takes you from the very beginning and walks you through setting everything up the correct way. All you have to do is follow along on the videos and complete each step in the order presented.

Now I just started and in fact am only on the second week but so far John has taken someone that despised writing and I have now created my own blog. So I can’t sit here and tell you that this course has made me “X” amount of money nor can I tell you it will make you any either but I do know that if I continue and just follow all the steps I will definitely be richer as I will have gained more knowledge than any other program or course has ever taught me.

So I would highly recommend John Thornhill’s “Partnership to Success” program to anyone new or experienced.

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