We all know that there are plenty of great publications out there that show people how to handle Facebook and how to grow an audience by using this powerful platform, but what we rarely see is the kind of thing that people should always avoid when they are trying to get the best results on this popular platform. Today we are going to give you 3 important rules that you should follow at all times in regards to the things that you should always avoid doing when you are using Facebook for business purposes.

1. Never argue with a customer or visitor

If you see someone publicly stating anything that you don’t find fair, you need to learn to keep things as professional as possible and this means that you should always redirect them to a private conversation. If they insist on dealing with it in public, you should politely insist that they check their inbox. Always be professional and don’t lose your temper in public or in private messages either.

2. Never purchase likes or views

There was a time when people fell for this kind of thing because they would see a site with thousands of likes and they would think that this site offered a great deal of engagement. Now everyone has caught up with this and when they see you have thousands of likes and no interaction on any of your posts, they will know your likes are fake or from profiles that use exchange systems for likes.

3. Never leave your profile pic and header empty

Nothing looks more unprofessional than a Facebook page without a profile picture and without a header. You might think that the header is not as important, but it is. Make sure that you design one that looks good and gives people a good idea about what you offer. If you don’t know how to do this, you can hire a freelancer to help you.


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